T-Mobile Pricing Plans

by Colin Berkshire

Colin here. The question of the moment seems to be people asking me to explain the new t-Mobile Simple Choice pricing plan. This went into effect March 23.

T-Mobile doesn’t do a great job on their website so let me explain it more simply and accurately to you: (All of this is based upon their rates effective March 23, 2014.)

$50 First line on your account.
$30 Second line on your account.
$10 Third line on your account. (Yup, crazy cheap.)

This includes:
-Unlimited voice calls within the USA.
-Unlimited text messages worldwide in 100+ countries.
-1 GB of high-speed data per phone. (+ unlimited mid-speed.)
-Free tethering for your laptop or other devices (up to your high speed limit.)
-Free mid-speed data globally in 100+ countries. (70~100 kbits)
-Calls when you are outside the USA cost 20-cents incoming or outgoing to almost anywhere.

You can purchase additional high-speed data if you really need it:
-$20 for 3 Gigabytes.
-$30 for Unlimited (and 5 gigabytes of tethering.)

So there you have it simplified, in a nutshell.