T-Mobile is Wicked Good

by Colin Berkshire

T-Mobile is a company that I admire. In about five years they have been transformed from a nearly-dead also-ran company to the fastest growing communications company in America.

And the reason is one man: John Legere. This foul mouthed militant executive has given Verizon and AT&T a gut punch and have bootstrapped T-Mobile into a wickedly good company.

Lets look at the numbers for the past three years:

  • Revenue is up 50%, from $24.4 Billion to $37.3 Billion (and growing.)
  • Net profits are up 41x! Yes, forty-one times, not 41%. That is up 4100%. Growth from $35M to $1,460M.
  • Assets are up $15 Billion, and debt is up only $6 Billion.
  • Cash on hand is up about $1 Billion.

I talk about executives making a difference. John Legere is a great example. He is one amazing dude.