T-Mobile is Great – But Not Lilly White

by Colin Berkshire

T-Mobile announced that you can use your Simple Choice plan phone in Canada and Mexico the same as if you were in the US. All of North America is now free to roam and call.

Not quite true.

T-Mobile does one thing which is super ultra sneaky. They show that you have data coverage throughout the United States on their maps. Those maps look good.

But they limit you to 50 megabytes of data in any “roaming” area. Yes, 50 megabytes. That’s about 10 photos. After you use up your monthly allowance of 50 megabytes you are completely cut off from roaming.

Now, clearly, you can’t do much with 50 megabytes. It’s half an hour of music. It’s a dozen photos. So why is this even a feature of your line?

Sneaky business.

T-Mobile wants to show you a big map of the United States and have the entire map be painted magenta. They want you to believe that you have glorious nationwide coverage.

But this is all fraud. You only get 50 megabytes in any roaming territory and then you get cut off. Magenta painted states like Montana and Wyoming are really black colored. You really don’t get service there. It just looks like you do. But you only get 50 megabytes and then the areas go dark.

T-Mobile won’t disclose what states are entirely blacked out. You can’t find out and they won’t tell you. Just just need to travel there and then find that you have no data.

So I think it is pretty sneaky that they talk about how you get all of North America including Canada but you don’t even get Montana or Wyoming.

The cellular business is just full of tricks and games and deceit.