Siemens Wants To Amplify Teens

by DaveGmail Michels

Special Guest Contributor Emily Litella here, now a part of TalkingPontz. It’s great to be part of such a professional blog. Today’s commentary is about Siemens Enterprise and what exactly they are communicating. emily-litella

What’s all this I hear about Siemens Enterprise wanting to amplify teens? It makes no sense whatsoever. Teens don’t need to amplify at all – they are already amped-up too much on sugar, drugs, sex, and hair. That’s not even coutning their over-amplified music. The only thing they should amplify is their study habits!

Even worse, Siemens wants to amplify teens about vibrant conversations. This just seems like the wrong thing to be conversing about. Some things are best left private, in your own room. Siemens enterprise has this all wrong, and needs to stay away from parenting, and stick to communications.

[Actually, Siemens Enterprise is talking about Amplifying Teams, and using Vibrant Conversations to help unleash the potential of virtual teams. See here.]

Oh, that’s different.

Never Mind.