Seeking SIs for UC Advisory Board

by Dave Michels

I am seeking owner-operated SIs that want to better their UC business.

It’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. This UC Advisory Board of peers will meet regularly to discuss trends, solve problems, mentor each other, and drive peer accountability. There’s no business like the UC business, so it makes sense to look to peers for the best solutions.

Here’s my attempt of a FAQ to explain the group.

What is the UC Integrator Advisory Group?
It is a group of non-competitive, UC focused, regional resellers. Members are operators and/or owners that will meet quarterly. To promote trust, the members of the group should not compete in the same geographic region.

Why join the UC Integrator Advisory Group?
Simply stated it’s lonely at the top. The UC business is unique in many ways, and there are few advisors to turn to. This group provides a trusted environment of peers that are willing to combine their knowledge and experience to learn from each other. Members will be accountable for progress reports on their own goals. Key benefits include:

  • Improved leadership and management skills
  • Gain business strategies for sustainable growth
  • Create personalized plans for business, leadership, life, and legacy
  • Build personal and professional relationships
  • Engage and grow your relationship with industry vendors

You will participate in enriching, in-depth sessions focused on topics such as, management, sales and marketing, employee relations, managed services, and vendor engagement.

How often and where does the Advisory Group meet?
There are two meetings per quarter. One is a remote meeting. The other is a face-to-face meeting that rotates around among each members’ office. The meetings are planned well in advance to avoid conflicts and to minimize travel costs.

Who are the members?
All members are business owner and/or operators in similar UC related businesses. New members require unanimous approval. Trust between members is critical and each member must agree to the Advisory Group mutual NDA. There is a maximum of ten members.

Can vendors join or participate?
Vendors cannot join the group, but can interact with the peer group in specific educational formats. There will be time allotted in meetings for invited guests to participate and/or present.

What is covered in a meeting?
Each meeting will have a detailed agenda. The virtual meetings are less formal, and designed to keep each member updated with each other on general news and events. The in-person meetings will include formal business updates from each member and discussions aimed on various topics such as:

  • Growing management teams and leaders
  • Managing and compensating sales staff
  • Hiring practices, checklists and onboarding processes
  • Implementation service team processes, metrics and KPIs
  • Maximizing the value of strategic vendor programs

The goal of participation is for each member to share and learn to improve management skills, strategies for growth, to build personal and professional relationships, and engage with industry peers.

If you are interested and want to join – contact me.