Security Devices

by Colin Berkshire

Americans are always amazed when they see me use a banking security device. Most have never seen one.BankPIN

Banking security devices are quite commonly used throughout the world. They provide excellent, outstanding security.

When you log into a banking website you use one. When you do any banking by phone you use one. Heck, when I call my banker they make me identify myself by using one.

They are simple.

You enter your 6-digit PIN on the device. You then see a 6-digit number on the display. That number is valid for a few minutes. You log in using your user name, your password, and this displayed number.

Without the device you cannot get in. Nobody can get in.

It can also be used for signing transactions like telephone bank-wire orders. The bank gives you the transaction number. You enter that transaction number on your device. It then displays a 6-digit code that authenticates the transaction.

The device completely eliminates mail order, telephone, and online fraud. It’s simple to use.

The problem here in America is that fraud is profitable. Banks don’t want to stop it. They make a percentage of all fraudulent credit card and some other transactions.