SBCs for Dummies

by Dave Michels

In honor of launching the SBC 5100, a new enterprise SBC from Sonus Networks, the company is offering-up a free copy of Session Border Controllers for Dummies.   Here’s a few questions to assess your skill:

  1. What does SBC stand for? 
  2. How is an SBC different than a Firewall?
  3. Why is Transcoding a logical feature for an SBC?
  4. How does an SBC solve SIP compatibility issues?
  5. Does BYOD impact SBC capacity?
  6. How can an SBC add horsepower to a VoIP network?
  7. Can SBCs provide defense against DDoS attacks?
  8. T/F: SBCs can support/enable ENUM?
  9. T/F: Do SBCs can translate DTMF?
  10. T/F: SBCs enable unified messaging?



About the Sonus 5100:

  • Embedded transcoding/encryption processing
  • Advanced policy engine
  • Supports VoIP, IM, presence, and Web 2.0.
  • Protects against attacks, overload and outages while preserving stateful call handling
  • Supports multiple SIP variants
  • Built-in media transcoding via DSP firmware