Robo Calls be Gone

by Colin Berkshire

I got rid of the robot-calls. It was devilishly simple.

When you call my number you now get a recording: “If you are a solicitor, pollster, or spammer press 1. If you are calling me and want your call forwarded press 5”. If the user presses 5 they are forwarded to my new, unlisted cell phone number.

I moved my cell phone number to a VOIP service. I terminated that in a simple IVR. If the user presses 5 then they get forwarded to my cell phone.

What has happened is that in the past month I haven’t received a single robe call. Not a single automated call came to me. During the election cycle I never received political polls. It has been blissful.

Our VOIP-based IVR system has a good feature: I am able to forward my calls and include the original caller ID information. But I can add a character to the front. So I have added “1” to the front of the phone numbers. Thus, when I look at a call I know if they have called me through the IVR system or if they are calling my non-published number.

I like not getting all of those spam calls.