Record and Transcribe your Phone Calls

by Colin Berkshire

Have you noticed that since Covid-19 the people at call centers are a LOT ruder? I’m not quite certain what happened, but the people in most of the call centers have become short-tempered, rude, and even aggressive. This is especially true with doctor offices and insurance companies.

I’ve taken matters into my own hands and now record and transcribe most phone calls to call centers.

I added a VOIP line to my cell phone that I can originate and receive calls to/from. So when I’m going to call; my health insurance company I call from that line and when I give out my number I will give them the VOIP number. If they call my cell phone I will politely ask if they would call my other number.

When an incoming call arrives the caller is immediately given the recorded message: “To ensure quality, all calls are recorded”. When I originate a call I listen for the message “calls may be monitored and recorded”. (If I don’t hear that I will tell the operator “To ensure quality service, this call is recorded.)

This has in no way resulted in people being more polite or helpful on the phone. But it has resulted in my being able to follow up and document my calls better.

Recordings can be a bit long to listen to, so I have a service that will transcribe all calls into text for a stupid-small amount of money (7½-cents a minute). It’s just great having a written transcript of what was said.

The game that some call centers play (“Who did you talk to?” And “what did they say”) is no longer a one-sided game. I have the answers!

The particular service that I use is from VOIP.MS, but there are many out there that can do the same thing.

Fight back against rudeness and aggressive agents! Record and transcribe your calls with call centers for under $5 an hour.