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It has been a busy Fall/Winter – literally that is.

A few posts in other places:

At NoJitter: I posted a in depth look at Google’s offerings from a UC perspective. I thought I knew Google pretty well, but I learned a lot writing this piece. I think the Gizmo5 purchase was an incredible deal and I expect significant UC announcements from Google up ahead. To see the feature see:

I did my first post on – about how some of the voice players are moving toward virtualization and cloud computing. Clearly the industry is moving toward cloud computing.

Of course, I draw a distinction between the cloud (as in hosted services) and cloud computing – that distinction is covered in parts 1 and 2 of my cloud series.

At Examiner (Home Tech) I posted my holiday gift ideas list (for the smart home). You can see it here. I also did a short piece on combo locking deadbolts.

I’ve also added to this blog (top left) the 5 most recent shared articles from Google Reader. You can subscribe directly to that feed here:
This to me is the best of the latest News and Posts on the Web.


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