Read the New Quipz Here

by Dave Michels

It’s a light news month as we build up to Enterprise Connect. I decided to make the February 2019 Quipz publicly available.

I’m using this lighter month to test some newsletter formatting changes with two major objectives. The first is to shorten Quipz. The second is to eliminate functional categories (UC, messaging, conferencing, etc.). Is Webex a UC/UCaaS solution, a conferencing solution, or a messaging centric platform?

People want Quipz to be shorter. I’ve been erring on being too inclusive, but have am now filtering out less significant news items. Of course, that’s a bit subjective. But then, so is the whole report. In addition, I may start to issue these reports more frequently than monthly. That’s two ways to manage length.

There will be a lot of news coming out of Enterprise Connect. You can view last year’s #EC18 coverage in this March 2018 Quipz (boy that format looks old!). Next month’s Quipz will be much longer with #EC19 coverage. That’s why you want to subscribe today. In fact, use Promo code EC19 for some savings. Subscribe here

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