Quick Thoughts from Twilio #SignalConf

by Dave Michels

It’s been a few years since I attended a Twilio event. The conference has become bigger and flashier, but retains its do-er/hacker culture. There were definitely more sport coats than usual, but hoodys remain the dominant attire.

When Twilio launched Flex a year and half ago, it seemed a bit incongruous to the existing contact center culture. Contact Center admins are different than the developers – or are they?

There’s no such thing as an out-of-the-box contact center. Every solution requires extensive customization. The question becomes what skills and tools are best to  customize a contact center. For decades, the choice has really been among different shrink wrap applications. Today, Flex provides a new DIY alternative. It’s built for the cloud and has lots of supported capabilities.

Flex was a major theme of Signal 2019, and I anticipate it will be an even bigger theme at Signal 2020.

Here’s a few at-site thoughts on Signal Conference.