Progress with Verizon OneTalk

by Colin Berkshire

Four days ago I was interested in Verizon OneTalk, a service that lets me move my phone number into the cloud and then have menus, voice mail, and simultaneously ring multiple phones at the same time.

I went to the Verizon website, but eventually ended up resorting to using Google to find information on “Verizon OneTalk” on the Verizon website. (Perhaps it was there and I just didn’t see it.)

The website gave me some glittering generalities, but nothing specific. To learn more, I was required to fill out a questionnaire and have a sales rep call me back (See Part 1 of my OneTalk Saga here). I filled out the excessively long, detailed form and waited for my callback.

Today (four days later) a rep called me. He didn’t know why he was calling me. All he had was my name and number and a message to call; none of the information that I filled into their form or even that I was inquiring about OneTalk was provided to him. So everything that I provided on their needlessly long form seems to have been for nothing.

The rep told me that OneTalk for my line would cost $70 a month. I needed their app ($25 a month) and every number that I ported in would be $20 a month. Then, I needed the “dialer” for $15 a month. He didn’t know what the dialer was good for, but I definitely needed it. To me it all added up to $60 a month but he assured me it would be closer to $70 a month. If I wanted a desk phone that would definitely be $25 a month more, and if my secretary wanted to be on the system that would be $20 a month more for her number and $25 a month for her app. ($45 for each additional person, including a phone.)