Please Post Comments Michael and Others

by Colin Berkshire

Somebody recently posted a reply to one of my posts. Another person indicated that they shouldn’t bother because I never post replies. I would like to clarify.

I read each and every comment on my postings. All of them.

Often they will trigger a new and separate posting. I am an old geezer and my generation is social in a different way. To be honest, we don’t even get this newfangled social media. I am hesitant to engage in this type of media. I just don’t understand it. When I think I am being reasonable, I seem to offend. Even at my own company I was told to stay off social media.

BUT…Here is where we have a common ground: if you have a point or a rebuttal or a counter argument or a point of support then do comment. Don’t comment for me. Post for the benefit of other readers.

So share…not with me but with everybody who may come across the post.

And for the record, I have on occasion posted replies and even more often have tracked the person down and called them on the phone to have an hour long conversation. My end of this isn’t a brick wall. I’m just a bit old fashioned.

So please comment…for everybody’s sake.