Penny For Your Thoughts

by Colin Berkshire
I like to think that when I buy internet service from my provider I am left alone to quietly and privately enjoy it.

This is not the case with Verizon. They are apparently watching and analyzing each and every website that I visit, and are collecting statistics. The only reason that I can think of as to why they are doing this is that they are selling it to somebody.

I was rather surprised when I went to my “MyVerizon” app and under the Data Utilization menu they showed me a breakdown of my usage.  I can see the detailed information at a resolution that I really wish they didn’t have.

It makes me wonder if they are selling information about me on each and every website that I visit. Or, what are they selling?

Of course, this also means they are providing all of this information o the NSA. While the federal government cannot subpoena the information without probable cause and a search warrant, there is nothing which prohibits Verizon from turning me into a product and just selling my data to the federal government “for lawful purposes.” The government doesn’t need a search warrant to just purchase data from Verizon.

I wonder how much I am worth? How much is being paid for my data feed?

Verizon Tracking