November Quipz

by Dave Michels

All month it felt like a slow news month, then I wrote the recap. Several big events: re:Invent, OpenTalk, BroadSoft Connection, Connect Central – and lots of general news and updates.

I have to say, the monthly report has become much more important to me (and many of my subscribers) than I expected. There’s a lot more going on in enterprise communications that I realized. 

Each Quipz provides about 12 pages of skim-able news that occurred this month, complemented by a quick opinion on what really matters. Here’s a bit of what occurred in November.

  • UC-Centric News : #ConnectCentral18, #VonageAR and Intelligent Interactions, other news from Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Ribbon, and Metaswitch, but not Fuze.
  • Workstream-Centric News:  #BSFTConnections, Unify, Workplace, and Google.
  • Conferencing-Centric News:  Trio, Span, LogMeIn, Konftel, and Screenbeam
  • Customer Engagement News: #Opentalk18, Genesys, Maps, and Verizon.
  • Provider-Centric News:  RCS, SIMPLE, and how to get more broadband to rural America (wired, 5G, and Satellites)
  • Emerging Technologies: #AWSReInvent, Lasso, facial rec, WeChat, Suisse Innovation, and WeWork becomes speechless
  • Miscellaneous: VOSS, Google, Fi VPN, Fi again, and Toys Were Us.
  • Acquisitions: 5 stories, but one wasn’t an acquisition.
  • Financial Quipz:  Asana has a horn, PlayerLync, and notable news from Ribbon
  • 17 Recommended Good Reads this month
  • More! 

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