November 2017 Quipz

by Dave Michels

I thought November would be a pretty quiet month, but it just wasn’t so. I just completed the Quipz Report for November which highlights what and why I considered important in enterprise comms this month. Quipz is a premium subscription service that includes monthly news and research reports. Although each story is indeed a short quip (skimable), November’s report came out to 16 pages.

Lead story notes that the two big events this month were Dreamforce and Re:Invent – not your typical venues for enterprise communications news.

Each month I try to put the stories into logical categories (messaging, UC, mobile, etc.), but as everything converges it seems to be an impossible task. For example, I put most of the AI stuff in the Emerging Technologies category, but shouldn’t the Talkdesk announcement about AI be under Contact Center? And if I move that to there, then does Avaya’s AI news go there or under UC?  Categorization is thankless work, but my readers say there needs to be some kind of organization. The earlier Quipz reports didn’t have any categories.

The Messaging category ended up with eight stories. The UC category got 4, video related content had 8, Contact Center ended up with 7. I only had two in Mobile, but the Provider section and Emerging Tech both had 8. The remaining quipz fell into the Miscellaneous section with a total of 7  such as Samsung and Marriott working on IoT to Larry’s TV office on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Financial Quipz has key metrics from the SEC results filed by Cisco, Five9, Mitel, RingCentral, and Twilio – plus some information from ALE.  The month’s Good Reads section has 17 links.

Top stories, of course, are subjective. For example, I’m guessing Rowan would say the new Spark Virtual Assistant was the biggest story in November, but a colleague seems to think Facebook Workplace getting group video is bigger news. Not all of the Quipz have associated press releases or news stories. Such as Genesys moving to a subscription model (even for prem-based systems) or Mitel’s clarification ShoreTel UCaaS.

Why isn’t it free?

A significant amount of my opinions are indeed posted here or elsewhere for free, but these reports take a considerable amount of time. I have made the August and September 2017 Quipz reports available for free download. I’m generally happy to share a more recent report to anyone interested in subscribing. The Quipz subscription includes my research notes and it priced with a modest annual fee. I also provide the content to recurring customers, and distribute the Quipz monthly reports to SCTC member consultants. Subscriptions can be purchased online with a credit card, or just request an invoice.

Currently the content is sent as a PDF via email. I expect by January to have the email engine sending out headlines with secured links to content.