Next Conference: Comdex Virtual

by Dave Michels

I have mixed feelings about these virtual conferences. One one hand, they present so much of what I do believe in – telepresence and electronic communication. Why should we take the time to travel to conferences, when we we can deliver/receive the same content electronically? On the other hand, so much of a conference is about the conversations between sessions – networking just doesn’t work at these virtual conferences…yet.  That might change – technologies like Avaya WebAlive are an attempt to bridge the virtual world with physical expectations.

However, if it is content you seek – check out the upcoming Comdex virtual event.

I am doing a session on Unified Communications with my UCStrategies colleagues Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, and David Yedwab. The session is geared toward a channel audience. Here’s the official description:

Session: United in Voice and Video
Unified communications is exploding, expected to become a
$18.5 billion market by 2013, according to COMMfusion’s
Research. Today’s technologies are simple to use — but the
sophisticated networking and telecommunications tools
behind the scenes often require a solution provider’s skill for
design, implementation, and support. This discussion will
address the opportunities, the technologies and capabilities
required to deliver these solutions to corporations, both large
and small, at a time when price-points have dropped and
businesses increasingly are willing to invest in remote
communications tools for their mobile and branch workers.

The conference takes place November 15 and 16, and the UC session is one of the ‘on demand’ sessions.

Register here: Comdex virtual event