Next Conference: Astricon

by Dave Michels

Astricon is coming up next week. This time it’s here – not only in Colorado, but actually in Boulder County. I missed Astricon last year, but attended several before that. It is a great conference, though it is one that makes me feel slow. It attracts a lot of really smart and very technical people and sometimes I gets confused. It is probably the most technical of the telecom conferences that I attend. It will be taking place at the Westin Westminster – so if you are coming you might want to pack your hockey skates (don’t all Westin’s have ice rinks?).

It was a bit of a last minute change – I was going to attend the STC (Society of Telecom Consultants) conference in Olrando. I had it all booked until yesterday. But I can go to Orlando for a telecom conference any time – how often can I stay home for a geek fest? Despite the last minute change, I still got the opportunity to host a session. At 1:45 on Tuesday, I will be moderating a panel on Extend API. I’ve written about Extend on this blog before, it is absolutely what sets Switchvox apart from the pack of UC solutions.

Extend refers to the set of APIs built into Switchvox that takes UC (CEBP and Extensibility) to a higher level. Thomas Howe and I had a session at Enterprise Connect 2010 where Thomas implied that APIs are far more open than Open Source. It’s a debate that Digium loves – it’s the equivalent of how GM feels about the Chevy vs. GMC truck debate – bring it on! This panel features some companies that are actually using Extend to improve their business operations. Check it out!

Because I was expecting to be elsewhere, I haven’t been paying attention to who is coming. I know Randy Resnick, host of the VUC, will be here (and several VUC roadies). He will be saying Bon Voyage to France for a week. Blogger comrade Michael Graves will be making an appearance. I am hopeful Erik Lagerway or Trent Johnson will be here as I see Hookflash is a sponsor. Jose de Castro and Chris Matthieu of Voxeo are coming – I need to find out what I missed at last week’s Orlando event, the Voxeo customer summit. Tim Panton will be there, I am sure he will demonstrate something amazing – like how to configure Asterisk for time travel or something. Allison Smith will be doing Asterisk voice impersonations – the question is will she have her Asterisk dress or not? Of course, the usual suspects will be there – Polycom, Aastra, Snom, Yealink, and NexUSA. This year, Panasonic is a sponsor – probably due to their push on new SIP phones. I like their Android device – hopefully they will bring it. It iwll be good to see the Digium Folks too. I interviewed CEO Danny  a while back. Gayle and Tristan are always delights. I am anxious to learn how Asterisk SCF is progressing.

If you are here on Tuesday morning, let me know. There is a nice Boulder tech event/ritual I recommend.

See you soon? Remember, you can see my conference calendar here: