My Thoughts from #GoogleNext19

by Dave Michels

It’s easy to summarize Google Next in just 10 minutes if you ignore most of it. The event had 30,000+ attendees. 500+ sessions. 400+ customer speakers. And thousands of conversations and ideas. In this video, I focus on communications and collaboration for G Suite users.

Thomas Kurian

It’s quite literally a story in development. Every G Suite app that is part of the communications and collaboration story is undergoing major changes. The core apps, Meet, Chat, and Voice are all less than a year old, and have long road maps ahead of them.

Probably the biggest news is the general availability of Google Voice. This is the latest (of several) new (video-first) UCaaS offers. It’s not too different than what was launched as a beta last year.

The bigger story is a more comprehensive vision and approach for G Suite to communications enable workflow. The key apps, all web-based, include Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, Google Voice, Jamboard, Keep, and Fi.

There’s still more to come regarding this conference. The comms and collab sessions were packed. I couldn’t get into all of them, so I still need to sit through some recordings.

There’s also a lot going on with AI — including AI for Contact Centers. Google claims to have 74% of the contact center market as partners . . . I think it actually might be higher. AI was a pervasive theme throughout Google Next – an area where Google has incredible technical leadership.

For what it’s worth, I recorded and edited this video on a Chromebook.