My Predictions for 2012

by Dave Michels

I have one key prediction for 2012: the Mayan calendar will be proved wrong, and the world will not come to an end in 2012.

Assuming I got that one right, I will offer some UC predictions that I am sure I can prove to be correct and accurate a year from now.

  • A major vendor will surprise all
  • A revolutionary technology will be introduced on a mobile device
  • The term UC will be debated and ridiculed
  • A new gadget will break sales records
  • The new Magic Quadrant will really piss off some vendors
  • A major vendor will exaggerate its successes
  • Prices will drop
  • The cloud will grow
  • A major new release will be announced, but won’t ship until 2013
  • A spectacular acquisition or “merger” will be announced
  • A major UC vendor will see a management shake-up
  • People will complain
  • There will be a major breach in security
  • A major outage will harm the reputation of a major provider