My New MBP Touch-Bar

by Colin Berkshire

One of the nice things about my job is that I get to have new things whenever I want them. Despite having pretty much an unlimited budget, I don’t actually tend to upgrade all that much. My old laptop was a 2012 MacBook Pro (I loved it!) and I waited two years for buying an iPhone 7 plus (big mistake…I hate it!)

So I was a little excited when I decided to take the plunge. I got my new MacBook pro and plunged in.macbook-touchbar

The big new feature is the Touch-Bar. Apple replaces the unused function keys with an LCD touch-strip that can display shift keys. It sounds really great. It looks great.

But I have noticed an interesting thing: I just don’t use it. It’s very pretty. And it works really well. But the simple fact is that its not all that useful. It never is displaying the thing I want.

I wish that I could have the option of configuring it for the things I want. My need is entirely different from what Apple envisioned.

I’d like to have sets of buttons. I would push an icon to access each set. For example, I would like a Cut/Paste/Copy/ScreenPrint set. I would like a set for switching between active apps…so I could touch an icon and that app would come to the foreground on my display. I would like a set for each app that I was working in so I could do the things I commonly do inside of the app.

Sadly, the TouchBar can’t do any of these things. What it is good at doing is duplicating the things already on your screen. (What is the point of that?) When looking at a dialog box it displays the buttons from that dialog box, (which is stunningly useless.) I would like a set that inserts the special characters I frequently use, like the Baht symbol, British pound and some Greek characters.

I think his is just endemic of Apple these days. They are a lot of flash, but they just lack the deep thinking that apparently came from Steve Jobs. Their latest round of stuff is shallow, not quite useful, and isn’t reliable.

Apple is clearly and unquestionably on the decline in my opinion. They just don’t get it anymore.