My Keychain

by Dave Michels

A lot of things are changing these days – books, newspapers, retail, communications, etc. But this one snuck up on me. Take a look at my keychain:keychain

Look ma, no keys. I have my car fob which is a remote with RFID, a handy USB thumb drive from the folks at Nokia, and a box cutter key for opening all my bills.

I no longer carry a house key – it has a keypad instead. My last office (now I work at home) had a card reader. If I take a different car, I grab those keys instead.

I didn’t realize that how keys were becoming a thing of the past. More and more things are becoming secure thru wireless – toll booths, smartphone apps, even blue-tooth.

Keys never really made any sense – they provide terrible security as anyone can use them and they are easy to lose. Plus they become heavy when they travel in packs. I think the smartphone has a lot of potential as a keychain (and wallet, mirror, map, or just about anything else you carry in a pocket, purse, or glove box).

If you are nostalgic like me, start saving keys as presents for the grandkids.