Mitel Goes Mobile with Dynamic Extension

by Dave Michels

Mitel has kept a secret lately – Series-X. Teasers at VoiceCon said it was coming April 16. As it turns out, Series-X represented a new product and approach to mobility called Dynamic Extension and a new philosophy regarding proprietary hardware. I am really impressed with this new philosophy. During a tough economic period, Mitel is the only major switch vendor trying to enhance rather than replace legacy investments. Not only is Mitel enriching their core technology, but extending it from end point to server.

The predecessor to Dynamic Extension was a Mitel product called Mobile Extension (ME). ME enabled mobile phones to be twinned with desk phones. It was relatively simple to use and tore down many of the limitations surrounding mobility. Consider this scenario, you are out of town and get this call on your cell phone: “Sorry to bother you but I only had your number handy – can you connect me to Shipping at your office?” The typical response, or excuse, would be something like: “Oh, I am so sorry, you caught me out of town [guilt] so I can’t transfer you, instead can you call the main number 555-1212?” This response is perfectly acceptable to most, but not to me. We need to stop making excuses and compromises for our mobility. ME solved that by allowing calls to be transferred (with an esoteric star code **6) and handle the call without the remote compromise. If you are treating callers differently due to your mobility, you need a better mobility solution.

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