Messaging via Coins and Blockchains – TalkingHeadz #9 with Eric Sackowitz

by Dave Michels

In this TalkingHeadz video Evan (TwitterLinkedIn) and I (Twitter/LinkedIn) discuss a future of cryptographic-enabled communications with Eric Sackowitz, the CTO of PeerStream (OTCQB: PEER).

This one has a few layers to it. At the top is PeerStream. It’s a new name, but an established company. You may have come across its PalTalk messaging and video app.

Prior to Telegram announcing something vague about a blockchain, encrypted messaging app, the folks at PeerStream had already shared a concept called Backchannel.

Backchannel is a video-enabled, 1:1 and group messaging service that leverages crypto identity and a decentralized architecture to “promote free speech and serve privacy-minded end users.”

Backchannel is currently under development with an initial release planned later this year.

So we go from PeerStream to Backchannel, but there’s more: Backchannel is being built on the Proxima-X blockchain.

ProximaX is a next-generation blockchain that enables off-chain, p2p service integrations. Proxima-X is optimized for messaging, storage, and streaming media. Its services enable measuring, validating and incentivizing the decentralized workforce to prosper, grow, and scale. ProximaX is backed by Lon Wong a founding member of the NEM crypto-coin that powers ProximaX. NEM (XEM) is a top 20 crypto-currency in terms of market cap and optimized for smart assets.

Now if that didn’t confuse you, perhaps this conversation will:

News: PeerStream Business Solutions Expands Blockchain Technology Offerings to Include Innovative ProximaX Protocol