Maximizing Innovation With Minimal Disruption. 

by Dave Michels

I attended the Cognigy Experience Summit in Dusseldorf, Germany, earlier this year. The event featured customers, partners, and innovators sharing their thoughts on conversational AI. It was the most forward looking conversational AI event I have attended, and the best part was it was the customers that were pushing the boundaries. One customer after the other, presented their real-use cases. #MindBlown.

I first learned about Cognigy though Avaya. At that time, Avaya was its only CX partner. The idea was to complement Cognigy with Avaya Contact Center Infrastructure. One of those better together stories. It’s amazing how far Cognigy has come. Not only has it been recognized as a leader by Gartner, IDC, and other analysts, but it’s managed its way into many CC partnerships. 

As I mentioned Avaya was first, but it got a bit delayed due to a change in leadership and Chapter 11. But it’s looking much better now. The Cognigy solution natively integrates with Avaya, aligning it with Avaya’s tagline “Innovation Without Disruption.” This means that Avaya customers can realize industry-leading conversational AI’s and Generative AI’s benefits faster with Cognigy than with any other solution — on their existing platform. 

I spoke to CEO Philipp Heltewig about this in Dusseldorf. He considers the Avaya partnership key, and love’s the Innovation without Disruption theme. If that tag line works for Avaya alone, then what can be said about Cognigy + Avaya? Maximizing Innovation With Minimal Disruption. 

In the past year, Cognigy processed a staggering one billion interactions, underscoring its commitment to human-like AI capabilities and focusing on improvements in voice quality, understanding, and non-verbal communication. 2024 is the year of seismic shifts in conversational AI. Bill Gates says it’s bigger than the mouse. McKinsey’s projection of a $4.4 trillion annual contribution to the global economy may actually be low. 

I put this paper together for Cognigy to specifically address the power of the Cognigy-Avaya solution. They are ma and made available to attendees at Avaya’s annual user conference in Denver taking place this week. I am happy to share it with TalkingPointz readers as well.

Download: Maximizing Innovation