Marketing Discussion with xUC CMOs

by Dave Michels

The only thing less understood than marketing is UC marketing. I reached out to three illustrious former UC industry CMOs to ask them about their experiences.

Andy Cunningham, Martyn Etherington, and Chris Hummel

I spoke with:

Andy Cunningham – prior CMO of Avaya

Martyn Etherington – prior CMO of Mitel

Chris Hummel – prior CMO of Unify

Topics include

  • How is UC different?
  • How important is brand in UC?
  • All this talk about buyer’s journey – how is the buying process really changing?
  • Who is the target regarding UC Marketing? CMO? CIO? End Users?
  • Does UC marketing need to change? How?
  • Re Goliaths: Is it better to be “as good”  or “different” than the industry giants?
  • The implications of the transition into services.
  • Social Media impact and responsibility
  • Does UC Marketing ever feel dishonest? The claims of productivity and innovation or even cost savings ever feel obligatory but misleading?


Marketing and UC

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