by Colin Berkshire

Just out of curiosity I went to the local teleco’s website to see what a landline would cost for my home. (Long ago I switched to an OTT VOIP service.)

$22 plus taxes get you a phone line.

This doesn’t include Caller ID or Call waiting. Mercifully it does include touch-tone dialing. Long distance (like, to a nearby city 10 miles away) is just 15¢ a minute…but only if you subscribe to an additional $3 a month option. (I shudder to guess what they charge otherwise.)

The carrier did offer a bundle that includes long distance and custom calling features like Caller ID and Call Waiting. It’s just $60 a month.

I am pretty surprised that these folks are still in business.

Perhaps they live on selling 60 megabit internet for just $45 a month? Hard to say, as I don’t know anybody that is a customer.