Liar Liar Phones on Fire

by Colin Berkshire

Before AT&T acquired Time Warner it claimed that this is somehow good for consumers. I cannot possibly imagine how it is good for consumers. Almost immediately after completing the acquisition AT&T raised its prices. 

Not long ago AT&T acquired DirecTV and claimed it would be good for consumers. The only goodness I have seen is a $5 monthly price increase.

AT&T advertises a price for their cellular service. But that isn’t the price. They tack on a $2 monthly administrative fee…100% of which goes to them. The advertised price isn’t what they charge at all, and this administrative fee is a sham. Isn’t administering your own business something expected to be done out of gross revenues from selling products and services?

It’s not that I am opposed to $2 monthly administrative fees and higher prices. I don’t like them, of course. But it is the lack of integrity that is behind them that razzles me.

This lack of integrity isn’t unique to AT&T. Verizon has their own disingenuous administrative fees, as does Comcast.

Tesla has for years promised a $35,000 car. That promise may have been nothing more than a bait and switch tactic and to get people to fund the company with hundreds of millions of interest free dollars.

It it is the whole style of being non-forthright that I object to.

Why do we accept this type of unethical corporate behavior?