Kan Du Saga Aastra?

by Dave Michels

Just one final conference for the year – Aastra.

I am anxious to learn more about Aastra’s vision and strategy. I attended the company’s user group conference last May – I can tell you they have some loyal customers. The upcoming Aastra event is aimed at analysts and is taking place in London. This is highly appropriate as Aastra is a Canadian company that sells a lot of Swedish phone systems (Ericsson) and London is kind of a compromise (that’s my theory). Aastra sells lots of phone systems -too many to actually count. But my interest right now is the MX-ONE.

At the User Group Meeting, the focus was more on ClearSpan – ClearSpan is an impressive offering geared at very large organizations. It is a compelling story on its own. For non giant implementations, Aastra offers the MX-ONE which has Swedish roots (Aastra acquired the PBX stuff of Ericsson in 2008.  The MX-ONE is very popular in Europe and available world-wide, and the market leader in multiple European countries. It is an interesting platform and the focus of an upcoming TalkingPointz report I hope to publish in January. Here is a quick look at the MX-ONE:

  • Server based communications system
  • Rich mobility features
  • Distributed architecture
  • Open software and hardware component
  • Modular architecture
  • 50-500,000 users in one single system
  • Large selection of endpoints – including wi-fi and DECT wireless
  • Native SIP support

The MX-ONE is positioned as Aastra’s main go to market enterprise communications platform. It also provides an upgrade path for the MD 110 (huge base from Ericsson). A simpler version is sold as the Aastra 700 for SMB users.  The product is well positioned in EMEA, but not so well known in Aastra’s home continent. Like most UC vendors, Aastra is looking to expand its US channel. I am seeking to become an expert in the MX-ONE, can’t say I ever actually saw one, but that just might change this week. It will be interesting to learn more about it, and how Aastra intends expand its North American presence.

I am looking forward to learning more about the MX-ONE while simultaneously having a proper cup of Earl Gray.

The title of this post is “Can you say Aastra?” (in Swedish).