Judges Discuss Innovation Showcase #EC18

by Dave Michels

The theme for the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2018 is Speech. In this video, the judges discuss the selected companies.

Innovation Showcase 2018 from Dave Michels on Vimeo.


The companies are:

  • Deepgram Brain — offers freemium transcription services with very high speech-to-text accuracy and advanced features such as search-by-sound. The solution can run on-premises.
  • Gridspace Sift — performs automated conversational tasks such as QA, compliance, and customer scoring. The solution can be used for applications such as real-time notification of trending topics and sentiment scores.
  • NewVoiceMedia Conversation Analyzer — is a speech analytics solution that provides actionable insights from customer conversations. It can create and upload transcripts along with other conversation data directly into the Salesforce CRM.
  • Nuance VocalPassword — uses a simple passphrase as a biometric password. Users just speak a simple phrase to validate their identity, and organizations can eliminate the hassles and risks associated with traditional passwords.
  • Omilia Conversational Virtual Assistant — provides a natural experience for self-service across multiple channels, and when implemented, the technology has resulted in significant increases in successful self-service and customer satisfaction.
  • Speechmatics — offers Batch Virtualized ASR transcription analytics supporting 72 languages. The technology can be embedded in a product, run on-premises, or accessed as a cloud service. Its Automatic Linguist capability enables rapid development and support of new languages.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Eligible companies must not have exhibited at EC17; one goal of the Showcase is to introduce the EC audience to new companies.
  • Must provide an enterprise use case example
  • Must be able to demonstrate that the solution solves a business problem or creates a business opportunity
  • There is no fee to participate, and no fees will be assessed to winners
  • Enterprise Connect cannot reimburse travel or other expenses for participants from winning companies
  • Applicants must disclose any current or prior financial relationship or other support they may have received from United Business Media or competition judges.

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