ITExpo Miami Best of Show

by Dave Michels

Last week was ITExpo in Miami – generally a good conference.

There was lots of news this year. I think the biggest story was Digium’s new phones (see here and here). I don’t think most people realize how impact-full these (well not these, but the next few versions) phones will be. The vast majority of the industry is heading toward standards compliant SIP phones and Digium (which started with standards compliant SIP phones) is moving toward proprietary SIP compliant phones. There is more to this story. The other big story is Shoretel acquiring hosted voice provider M5 – this one really did surprise me. I’m putting my thoughts together and will post shortly.

There was actually a lot of news coming out of Miami last week. I can’t cover it all, but wanted to recognize the best of show winners. This time, TMC awarded 11 Best of Show champions (at the last conference, TMC awarded 20 Best of Show Winners). This year’s winners are:

  • Best Service Provider Solution – Intercity Networks
  • Best Enterprise Solution – Infinias
  • Best SMB Solution – Surf Comunications
  • Best Contact Center Solution – Hold-Free Networks
  • Best of Open Source – Xorcom
  • Best Wireless/Mobile Solution – AudioCodes
  • Best Cloud Solution– APEX VoiceCommunicatons
  • Most Innovative Product – Plantronics
  • Best On-site launch – XKL
  • Best Development Tool – Inventive Labs
  • Editors Choice Award – ABP Technologies (for Totus Solutions)

Congratulations to the winners. I am familiar with most, but not all but will certainly be looking into them.