ITEXPO Cloud Summit – Miami

by Dave Michels

About a year ago, I attended my first ITExpo. It was in Miami. It is a pretty interesting the way the show ties so many events into one. ITExpo, put on by TMC, is in the center ring. Then there are several other summits or conferences taking place. Miami, or ITExpo East, has slightly different programming than LA, or ITExpo West which just took place last Fall.

With all the different events going on, it can be a bit tricky to determine where to be at a given time. But this time it won’t be hard – I will be at the Cloud Communications Summit. This event is normally hosted exclusively by Thomas Howe – but this year I get to be his sidekick (lurking in his shadow). The cloud summit is a great event because it’s one big and nebulous topic for two days – with industry experts, pundits, and vendors.

The cloud was a curious topic a few years ago – hosted voice – AOL, but that was then. Today, the cloud is a way of life, and even if you think you are fairly grounded, the cloud tech is coming to a data center near you. My favorite topic is basically whatever is next, and that’s why I love the cloud discussions. At ITExpo West, it was amazing how well attended the Cloud Summit was (considering all the amazing concurrent programming). I am proud to be part of this next one – if you can make it – come!

Here is the Cloud Communications Summit Session Line-Up:

  • Cloud Communications : A Beginner’s Guide
  • SMB Cloud Communications : What’s Hot and What’s Not?
  • Increasing Profits with Cloud Communications Thursday
  • Mobile Clouds – Where Cloud Communications and Mobile Intersect
  • The Business of Cloud Communications
  • Dark Clouds : Can you trust the cloud?
  • Cloud Communications, State of the Art – What’s next in cloud communications?

Plus breaks for the ITExpo keynotes. It should be a great event. Other things to check out while  you are there:

  • Smart Grid Summit
  • Digium’s Asterisk World
  • Startup Camp 3  (see last’s year’s post)
  • And of course, the ITExpo Exhibit hall.

Like last year, ITExpo will be immediately after IBM’s LotusSpheretaking place in Orlando this year. I intend to attend both events.