Is That A Tablet In Your Pocket, or…?


My problem with tablets is they don’t replace anything. My smartphone replaced a lot of things, my laptop replaced my desktop. My Kindle replaces lots of books. From what I see, tablets don’t replace anything. They are a new device joining the primal fight for airport power outlets.

They do seem kind of fun. On planes I sometimes watch videos on my laptop, and it would be nice to have something smaller – the keyboard gets in the way. My smartphone can play videos, but that is too small. A tablet looks just right. Tablets, or at least the iPad, are clearly popular and people seem to love them.
Apple is rumored to release the iPad 3 in time for holiday shopping. Feel free to get me one. The main thing holding me back is principle – I don’t like iTunes and refuse to get any more devices that require I install it (don’t tell me about the post PC era until a tablet doesn’t require one).
Will the tablet replace the enterprise phone? In my recent post on the future of the phone, I ignored tablets. I don’t really know what to make of them yet.

Dave Michels