iPaperweight on ATT

by Colin Berkshire

Colin here. I ponder what lesson AT&T vs Verizon brings to marketing and business.

Colin here. I constantly run into complaining friends, and there’s plenty of things to complain about. What gets me is their endless complaints about the AT&T network and how often they are cut off, can’t get data, miss calls, etc. It is a steady river of unhappy AT&T friends.

I can relate. I remember those days. I share with them that since I switched to Verizon I have never experienced a dropped phone call, nor have I missed a call. I regularly get 25+ megabit download speeds and 10+ megabit upload speeds…almost everywhere that I go. When I go hiking in the woods my Verizon phone has signal when AT&T friends don’t.

The objective data bears this out, too. Study after study shows the Verizon LTE network as being faster than AT&T, fewer dropped calls, and even better customer service.

Yet, these friends don’t switch to Verizon. They stay with the carrier that they despise, assuming that’s just the way things are with wireless communications.

Sometimes the excuse is that they are still under a contract. But the cost to switch would be about $250, sometimes even less. These are business owners who will spend $250 on a fancy dinner.

Sometimes, the excuse is that they would need to move all of their contacts over to a new phone and they don’t know how to do that.

How can people be so vociferous against AT&T and just stay with them? Or, worse…renew their contracts?

Can anybody explain to me why AT&T doesn’t just go out of business after all of their customers just abandon them?

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