Introducing TalkingPointz Quipz

by Dave Michels

I’ve been compiling a monthly report for my recurring customers that has evolved into TalkingPointz Quipz. It provides recap and opinion of the major industry topics over the preceding month.

TalkingPointz Quipz for August 2017 was just completed and can be viewed here

I previously had considered August to be a slow month. It’s summer! Travel, vacations, and the back-to-school rush.

After reflecting on the activity in August, my opinion has changed. Fast moving industries don’t slow for back-to-school. Slow moving August resulted with a 12 page Quipz Report.

What’s in a TalkingPointz Quipz Report? The easy answer is to download one and see. The current format has four sections:

  1. A longer opening quip on one topic. In August it was Avaya’s progress on exiting chapter 11.
  2. The bulk of the report is short quips on topics that span communications including UC, M&A, messaging, CPaaS, AR/VR, conferencing, video, security, contact center, and more.
  3. The Financial Quipz section provides an overview/summary of major financial filings. There are quarterly results every month, but August had nine: Avaya, BroadSoft, Cisco, Five9, RingCentral, ShoreTel, Twilio, Vonage, and West.
  4. The final section is 20 curated links. These links are selected for inconsistent reasons. They just all seemed important to me.

The content is optimized for an enterprise communications exec.  Brief and to the point. Brief, yet still 12 pages. Though it is highly skimmable.

TalkingPointz Quipz is currently monthly. Its target audience are communications pros, so I attempt to avoid too much overlap with the leading sites (NoJitter, UCStrategies, SearchUC, and TalkingPointz). Although some overlap is inevitable.

So far, Quipz has only been published as a PDF. A mobile-friendly, email version in the works.

TalkingPointz Quipz will soon be available as a subscription service.

Download TalkingPointz Quipz August.