Introducing Colin

by Dave Michels

Astute readers will have noticed that the PinDropSoup blog on TalkingPointz added an additional blogger: Colin Berkshire. Until Colin, every post was authored by me, but Colin approached me with a some great posts that deserved to be shared, and he seems to have developed a hankering to share his insightful opinions. You can see all of Colin’s posts here.

I’ve known Colin for something like 30 years. He has highly influenced me in many ways. He’s an engineer at heart, loves telecom, and is happy to share his telecom opinions. Colin’s appreciation for the Bell System has spread to me in several ways. It is probably why I have a Bell System hard hat on my shelf and a working Bell System payphone in my yard.

Colin is outspoken, but generally keeps to himself. Prior to PinDropSoup – he’s never (intentionally) published online. He doesn’t attend conferences anymore (used to love TCA in San Diego), and is no longer directly involved in the industry. He is currently working in the Pulp and Paper Industry in, get this, Human Resources. Currently, he is traveling extensively – mostly in Asia. 

Oddly, my communications with Colin have dramatically increased since he’s been traveling so much. As you can tell from some of his posts, he’s a big fan of Apple (was pure Microsoft in the Gates era). Between his iPad, iPhone and excellent wireless coverage in Asia– he’s always connected. It feels like he is in the same time zone as me.  He regularly dictates his emails/blogs from a cab using Siri, which according to him, is the only redeeming feature of Siri.

Personally, I could not be more pleased with his contributions to TalkingPointz. He hits on many topics I know little about – Apple stuff, Asia, and Bell history are some recent examples. He also has deep expertise in IVR, call center, CTI, and switching. I agree with him about 80% of the time, and the stuff we disagree evolves into some great conversations. He’s extremely well versed in technology and articulate in his thinking.

He also brings a very respectful view of what the Chinese are doing which is rare to find in western media. For example, we were talking about wireless networks and he pointed out that China Mobile is planning to install 200,000 new towers in two year’s – that’s about 270 new towers a day – the logistics alone are worthy of international respect. He also has some concerns where the US is lagging internationally.

So that’s Colin – I hope you enjoy his posts as much as I do.