Innovation Showcase at EC13


The hands-down highlight (for me) of each Enterprise Connect conference is the Innovation Showcase. Partly because I run it, but also because it is really the only part of the conference that is focused on the up and comers, the next generation of firms that are focused on enterprise communications. This year, there were 20 applicants, and it is getting harder to pick four. The four companies that are selected are featured in the Innovation Showcase sessions (two x 15 minutes presentations) as well as in a shared booth in the exhibit hall. The four companies selected this year were:

  • Plivo: A platform as a communications service solution that uniquely is carrier independent.
  • Nexistant: A video kiosk solution for receptions and other applications.
  • UberConference: A freemium conference calling service that provides a visual element, social integration, and no PIN codes.
  • Scoop Application: A mobile first collaboration application

You can see the two presentations on YouTube. Each presentation is 15 minutes long and features two companies. You can see Nexistant and Plivo here: You can see Uberconference and The Scoop Application Here:


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Dave Michels