Innovation is Alive and Well


At Enterprise Connect there is something new… the Innovation Showcase of which I am the director.

A very interesting process. We set out to find small companies that are doing truly innovative things in enterprise communications.

On No Jitter:

At the upcoming Enterprise Connect, be sure to check out the inaugural Innovation Showcase. It will feature four young companies, each with an innovative communications solution aimed at the enterprise. Innovation is alive and well.

Enterprise Connect is an enterprise communications show, and as a result the show attracts large vendors and customers. There is even a prestigious juried best of show award given each year. And although there is plenty of innovation with this arrangement, there is could be more: young innovative vendors. Many argue the smaller younger vendors have the most innovation. We set out to find some.

Enterprise Connect invited young companies to share how they are delivering innovative communication solutions to enterprise companies; and they did. The response was greater than expected. A panel of judges examined the applications from various angles and disciplines and picked the top four which will be announced at Enterprise Connect on Feb 28. Additionally, there will be an Innovation Showcase in the exhibit hall where these four companies will be on hand to demonstrate and answer additional questions.

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Top Four Companies will be announced on Monday.

Dave Michels