HP | Poly First to Offer a ‘Single-Vendor’ Zoom Intelligent Director Solution #Zoomtopia

by Dave Michels

One of the challenges with Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms is that neither vendor makes hardware. Hardware vendors like HP-Poly, Neat, Jabra, and Logi solve this with appliances. The first ones were simple Android-based bars, but room systems continue to get more complex.

At Zoomtopia, Zoom announced the release of Zoom Intelligent Director. It uses AI and multiple cameras to accomplish some magical camera switching in a meeting. It requires multiple cameras and multiple streams from the cameras and uses AI in both the room and in the cloud to determine which video is the best to present to remote participants.

This solution packages extraordinary, sci-fi-like features into a simple, easy-to-use experience. HP Poly, the combined company after HP acquired Poly in 2022, showed off Intelligent Director at Zoomtopia last week.

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