How to Stop SPAM Calling

by Colin Berkshire

I don’t know why we make SPAM calling so easy. I offered one suggestion on how to stop it here.

It must be that decisions are being made by politicians/managers (same thing) who don’t really solve problems.

We don’t need a hideously complicated infrastructure like SHAKEN/STIR.

SPAM is based on one premise: It is profitable to make unsolicited calls. The cost of placing a million calls to obtain just a few leads is so small that it is worthwhile.

If we replaced the Universal Service Fund (USF) flat per-line fee with a call-origination fee of 1₵ or 2₵ per call attempt, this would generate $20,000 per million calls. Instantly, SPAMMING would no longer be cost effective. It would end. It would also fund the USF by those people who use phones the most.

Since all carriers charge “termination” fees already, it would be a trivial change for them to add this Call Attempt fee and to collect the USF fees using the existing infrastructure.

Some problems are so simple.