Great Wireless without the Hype

by Colin Berkshire

I got my new iPad. It came without a SIM in the tray. When there is no SIM installed it reverts to a built-in Apple SIM which lets you immediately sign up for a data plan.

T-Mobile has a remarkable offering. $5 gets you 5GB of LTE data. And, you have 5 months to use it up.

  • $5
  • 5 Gig
  • 5 Months

No other charges. No monthly charges. No contracts. When you use the 5 Gig you just pay $5 and get 5 gig more. You have 5 months to use it up.

I can think of no other words to describe this than “incredibly fair.”

Now, to be fair, the other carriers compete with this:

AT&T has a $5 plan that is valid for 1 day. <snicker> Oh, and they limit you to ¼ gigabyte. Um, they are smoking something in their headquarters building, or perhaps they drink the magic Kool-Aid.