Global Climate Change

by Colin Berkshire

I have no position regarding global climate change. I just don’t know what the truth is.

OK, I am certain that global climate change is happening. It’s been happening for the past 2,000 and 100,000 years. Just read the bible and you will know that Egypt was a lush breadbasket in the time of Jesus. So, yes, of course there is always major, global, profound climate change.

But here is why this is relevant: If it is real, and if it is caused by post-industrial man, then telecommunications is the second best way to help the environment. (The first best way is to dramatically cut down on eating beef, sadly. And, I am not kidding about that.) Telecommunications can eliminate commuting and travel and all of the things that lead to post-industrial climate change.

So the global climate change should be a boon to the telecom industry, right?

I will share why it is not: People will not spend one nickel of their own money to fix global climate change. People won’t change their habits, and they sure as heck aren’t going to cut out the backyard BBQ with delicious, juicy, tender, blackened on the outside New York strip steaks.

I consulted for a company that has a wonderful program to help the environment. They planted a tree every time they received an order. (Wonderful!) And, they would set aside and protect one square meter of prime rain-forest land through Conservation International if the customer would just donate 25-cents with their order. As the customer went through the checkout process, they could check a box and pay an extra 25-cents to preserve one meter of rainforest. The company would pay the rest of the cost and it was managed by Conservation International.

Less than 5% of all customers would donate 25-cents. And, by “less than 5%” I mean pretty close to zero percent.

In the privacy of home, when placing an order on the Internet, where nobody else would see, we won’t drop one silver quarter dollar of our hard earned money to save the planet.

So this is why telecommunications doesn’t benefit from global climate change. And, this is why we aren’t going to fix post-industrial climate change. And, this is why we should just quit talking about it as if we are going to do something. Because unless we can get somebody else to do it for us, it isn’t going to happen.

Be honest: How much have you done to reduce post-industrial climate change…for the sole purpose of stopping climate change. Right. I rest my case.