GITEX 2019 (Video)

by Dave Michels

This is video from the GITEX 2019 show floor (Avaya booth) in Dubai.

Unfortunately, I had some trouble with the audio. I am puzzled as to why. I used to have audio problems all the time because Bluetooth is so susceptible to interference. I switched to the DECT headset earlier this year and haven’t had a problem since. Perhaps there are conflicting uses of bandwidth in Dubai. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to verify the audio during and even after recording on my Chromebook. It’s one of my biggest (and few) complaints about the Chromebook is both the camera (MKV instead of MP4 videos) and playback (no fast forward). I will say my DECT headset did an excellent job on noise filtering. There is a part of this video with some tremendous background noise. I’m amazed you can’t hear the noise at all — of course you can’t really hear me either.

Gitex 2019 from Dave Michels on Vimeo.

Rather than re-record after the trip (20 minutes), I decided to transcribe it and add captions. It was a good (and very slow) learning experience. I may need to consider going back to a wired solution.

Avaya-RingCentral Research Note.