Gift Idea – Pebble Watch

by Colin Berkshire

My watch is a Pebble.Pebble Watch

I love my watch. It does exactly what I need, (which is actually very little.)

When a call comes in I can see who it is and reject the call by touching a button.

When a text comes in I can see what it says by looking at my wrist.

When an email comes in I can see the subject line.

This, folks, is about all I need my watch to do besides being a watch. Pebble does this. And, i get several days (2~5) on a charge and it charges in just a few minutes. I like my Pebble.

I think Apple missed the boat with their bloated watch. I owned one and never could figure it out. There is something like 11 different motions to command. Soft touches, long touches, strong touches, double touches, crown scrolling, shaking, and crown pressed. I think there are more. I couldn’t figure them out. The Apple watch went back and I got a refund.

But if you think I complain about everything then think about the Pebble. I like it. I genuinely and completely like it. It works, it does what it says, it is simple. Simple is important.

Oh, and the Pebble will set ups back about half as much as an Apple watch.