Frustrated with Apple

by Colin Berkshire

I’m so frustrated with Apple. (Disclosure: I own some Apple stock.) Their designs have just become terrible in my opinion.

I got a new Apple TV. It’s really difficult for me to use. It’s not elegant. I just don’t like it.

The tiny and hollow-feeling remote lacks all of the elegance and class of the original Apple remote. It has far too many buttons on it, and the purpose of these buttons isn’t at all obvious to me, and they are hard to locate in the dark. The trackpad on top of the remote doesn’t make it clear what is highlighted, and it either is too slow or way way too fast. Siri is no better on the Apple TV than on the phone, which is to say: sassy and un-helpful.

Those that I ask say that the iPhone 6 isn’t as classy looking as the iPhone 5.

iCloud still is quirky to use as a cloud storage system. Copying and pasting a couple of items at once is likely to leave you only pasting URL links and not the files. The API doesn’t allow the cloud storage to look or act like any other drive on your system. Sometimes it syncs, and sometimes, well, it won’t sync for a while (or ever.)

AirDrop is great when it works. Even with all of the settings correct, Airdrop is only about a 60% hit and 40% miss in terms of actually working.

Apple recently launched its heaviest iPad ever (the iPad Pro.)

And, they still are sticking with their lightening cable. Does lightning do anything at all that a standard USB-C cable couldn’t do?

Oh, and bizarrely, Apple chose to use lightning for their new mouse and keyboard for iMacs, when they introduced USB-C on the new Macbook. It sure feels like the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand.

I am reminded of the death of Walt Disney. The Disney company floundered along while building-out the things Walt imagined while still alive. But as time passed they became increasingly less creative, and we got things like Epcot. Tim Cook is a capable MBA-type, but not somebody with either vision or creativity.

Set the silver Apple remote down, and then next to it set the new Apple TV remote down. Look at the two. Which one looks like a Microsoft or a General Motors product and which belongs in a museum?

Steve would certainly not have liked the plastic, hollow-feeling, many-buttoned Apple TV remote.