Frequently Asked Questions

What are TalkingPointz Reports?

TalkingPointz reports provide a strong view of a given solution and/or vendor around business communications. The reports can be purchased directly from and immediately downloaded. Each report provides a comprehensive view of a given solution – most reports follow the same format. Be sure to review the description information carefully before purchasing.

Who are these reports for?

The reports are written for end-user IT decision makers that are looking for additional information and validation on a major UC purchase.

Is the Purchase Confidential? 

Yes. Purchase information is held in the strictest confidence, your purchase is confidential and your contact information is not shared.

Are Discounts Available for Additional Reports? 

Soon. As more content is created and made available, additional purchasing options will become available.

Can I share the Reports?

The reports are sold to an individual and should not be shared. When purchasing the report, you can enter a company name in which case you can share the reports internally within that organization. TalkingPointz reports should not be distributed outside the organization or posted publicly.

What is the Included Consulting?

With each report the author will make himself available for up to two hours of teleconference consulting to discuss the report, your projects, and any questions you may have. Simply reach out via the contact form on the site. Offer expires 60 days after purchase.

Why isn’t pricing included in the reports?

Pricing is very difficult to obtain and publish for a variety of reasons, including the fact that pricing is typically set by the dealer, not the manufacturer. But I have learned two important things about pricing – although difficult to compare because of so many options and assumptions – is generally fairly competitive. Also, pricing is generally not the deciding factor in comprehensive UC selection and deployment.

Which vendors and services do you cover?

TalkingPoints are geared at the mid-market 100 – 2500 extensions. As a result, vendors serving these segments (premise and hosted) will be prioritized. Look for a new report every 4 – 8 weeks.

Are these reports sponsored?

No. These reports are not sponsored, nor do vendors have editorial control. It is fairly common for vendors to sponsor costs associated with analyst education such as attendance at vendor conferences. Vendors are encouraged to participate and facilitate research, but such such cooperation is not required.

Why don’t you directly compare vendors in a single report?

Industry transformation makes many solutions difficult to compare side-by-side. This is a big distinction from the PBX era, where products and features were very similar. Instead of playing “me too” with innovation, many UC vendors are creating highly unique value propositions around their products. TalkingPointz reports identify the nuances of a given solution, the full story including the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats as well as other competitive elements so that prospective customers can make informed decisions.

What is the return policy?

Unfortunately, as with most downloadable digital content – the reports can’t be returned. Please carefully review the available information before purchasing the reports.