Farmville Almost Failed

by Dave Michels

Not a FarmVille fan personally. In fact, I don’t get it at all. But evidently I’m unusual in this category. By every measure FarmVille is otherwise a success – Even Steve Jobs included it as a key new capability of iOS 4.

But more importantly, FarmVille is a cloud success story as outlined today at GigaOm by Liz Gannes in How Zynga Survived FarmiVille.

Check out the whole article, but here are a few tempting quotes:

  • For the first 26 weeks FarmVille added 1 million net new users per week”
  • given the game’s huge growth, without Amazon FarmVille would have failed.”
  • within less than a day, Zynga can allocate a new game enough EC2 computing capacity to support 10 million daily active users.”