Enterprise Tablets: Hurry and Get One Before They Are Gone


The Cius is almost here. That makes two enterprise UC tablets: Cisco Cius and Avaya Desktop Video Device with the Flare Experience.

First some clarifications and differences, then a few conclusions.

  1. These devices do not compete with each other. The Cisco Cius is for Cisco UC customers and the Avaya Desktop Video Device is for Avaya customers. One might argue they compete in green field situations, but I don’t think the tablet should be a major consideration there since the lifespan of these products will be short.
  2. Both devices are based on Android which makes a lot of sense, it’s free and popular (and the subject of lots of lawsuits).
  3. Both devices are positioned as a supplement and/or replacement to the desktop phone.
  4. The Cius has an Appstore – it is called AppHQ and will be attractive to IT managers as it provides micro control over application distribution.

    Dave Michels