Update on Mitel Next


Mitel reached out to analysts and consultants in NYC at an event dubbed Mitel Next. The company believes that it is uqnieuly positioned for the ongoing convergence of  the enterprise, cloud, and mobile spaces. Mitel

This 2Pager attempts to summarize a jam packed day and a half of presentations. This was no simple task as separate reports could be compiled for Mitel’s enterprise, cloud, and mobile efforts. Or perhaps that was the point, that the convergence is greater than the separate trends.

In 2014, Bill and I at Wainhouse named Mitel as one of three premises-based vendors with an increasing influence and presence in UC . That proved to be true as the company has done well. Execution is more than any one thing, but several events stand out including its early moves into virtualization, public cloud hosting, and its acquisition of Aastra.

Mitel has made numerous acquisitions over the past few years, but none may be as pivotal and critical as Mavenir. I don’t think I was alone with my confusion regarding Mavenir – it is complex. But I’ve shifted from slightly negative to positive. There is little doubt that the smartphone will continue to eat everything in its path. What isn’t clear is how much of the UC equation is in that path.

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Dave Michels